Platform Engineer

İstanbul, Turkey

Job description

Posted on: 
October 5, 2021

We’re a technology company. Technology enables us to do a business no one else in the world is doing. It is our biggest advantage.

Getir is growing incredibly fast in Turkey, but we want to grow globally. London to Tokyo. Sao Paulo to New York. Our global ambitions can only be accomplished with exceptional technology.

Great technology is developed by great humans and we are always hiring great developers so that we can continue developing new technologies.

Here’s what you fundamentally need to be a kickass Platform Engineer at Getir:


  • Simplify complex workflows
  • Automate repeated tasks in day to day workflows
  • Manage and maintain continuous integration and continuous delivery environments
  • Improve observability of existing systems
  • Manage and participate in on-call procedures
  • Develop and maintain custom software solutions based on company characteristics and challenges
  • Maintain and develop existing cloud infrastructure

Job requirements

  • Solid knowledge in cloud native technologies
  • Previous experience managing or developing serverless solutions
  • “Everything as Code” mindset
  • Ability to understand and navigate through distributed systems
  • Experience in operating and automating Linux based systems
  • Familiarity with software development paradigms
  • Experience developing and troubleshooting systems or applications
  • 2+ years of experience as a DevOps Engineer, SRE or Platform Engineer
Desired Characteristics:
  • Passionate about new technologies and best practices
  • Eager to improve continuously
  • Works well in a team and takes initiative
    Cares about giving and getting feedback
  • Open to new approaches and new ideas
  • Must be a DOer, a curious learner
  • Calm under incidents (or an adrenaline junkie that loves incidents :)
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