Work with us. Grow with us.

We’re pioneers. We’ve successfully scaled, dominated markets and made millions of lives easier with our work. If you want to help us breach new markets, bring happiness and convenience to the next 10 million, join our tribe.

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Who are we?

Getir is a 70% technology, 20% retail and
10% logistics company.

We make life convenient by delivering thousands of goods from milk to diapers to newspapers, in a matter of minutes, every day. Besides the 1000s of goods we deliver, what we ultimately provide is what every human being on this earth craves: time.

Who we hire?

We are looking for growth
mindsets over comfort zones

As we grow, we’re committed to nurturing a culture of trust and autonomy. We’re humble about what we know and what we don’t, and we’re looking for people who can champion that mindset with their peers and managers alike.

Why getir?

Getir Bi Mutluluk means bring happiness

Which we aim to deliver not just to
our customers but also our teammates.

Join a Revolution

Work in product-focused cross-functional squads that have served 500 million orders across 8 countries to date; make Getir the world’s biggest superapp that we were always meant to be.

Emerge as a Leader

Influence Getir's technological vision and roadmap, and help shape our culture, security and technology standards by contributing through our impactful tech committees.

Work on Cutting-Edge Technology

Utilise cloud development kits and infrastructure as code, and build with technologies such as Go, Node.js, React.js and Java, to develop 100% cloud-native microservices that cater to high transactions loads from day one.

Remote-Working Options

Work from the comfort of your home. Or the beach. And save time and money doing so. We take responsibility to ensure your home office is comfortable (towards desks, chairs, headphones) so that work is as smooth and frictionless as possible. We trust and love you.

Travel to Getir Locations

Work in diverse teams with colleagues from 36+ different countries, and travel to any Getir location world-wide so that you can meet your extended, international Getir family.

Remain the Best, Always

Upskill yourself through development resources such as Upgrad/Udemy's e-learning courses and remain a step ahead of the rest of the industry, always.

Prioritise Yourself

Your mental and physical health is invaluable. We have a company doctor onsite in many locations. Take care of you and your family with the health insurance offered by Getir (Currently in India only).

Stay Strong Together

We want you to be safe and contribute to the fight against the pandemic, so we've covered your COVID immunisation.

Getir engineering

Building platforms used by millions of people at global scale

We are the fastest on-demand mobile retailer in the world. Our engineering team works to solve scalability challenges, enable product launches by designing the right service oriented architectures and have an impact on people's lives at global scale.

Our Tech Stack

We face new engineering challenges every day, as we add new verticals and countries, cities to Getir. We always look for better/faster ways to solve performance, scalability, and high availability problems in microservice architecture. We are always open to modern frameworks and new technologies.

Company culture

It all comes down to people

Our team is already great - we can’t be humble and not share that, but the standard must consistently be set higher and higher to become the success story that we aspire to be.
Now, that story started with a handful of Co-Founders sitting around a table talking about super-fast delivery, but the vast majority of the story has since been written by the 3000+ people we are lucky to refer to as “Getir People.”
The rest of the story remains unwritten. We’re looking for the people to write it.

Speed is our currency

Imagine. Plan. Execute. Do it fast. Think again. Improve. Execute. Do it at the speed of Getir. Speed is our culture, our mentality, our action. Speed is our currency.


Food Support For Our Pawed Friends

We have been providing food support to our pawed friends for 7 years with the support of our users and in cooperation with the Animal Rights Association (HAYTAP) within the scope of World Animal Day. In the past
years, a total of 100 tons of food was collected and these foods were distributed to shelters, streets and forests all over Turkey. In 2021, we broke a record by collecting 1 million cups of food, equivalent to 150 tons.

50,000 Saplings For 5 Kuzeyden Forests

In order to reforest the provinces of Balikesir, İzmir, Muğla and Canakkale, Hatay, where wildfires took place in 2020, we called Getir users for support on World Water Day. For every selected 2 Kuzeyden products, we planted 1

Fidelity Social Support Activities During Covid-19 Times

Within the scope of Istanbul Governship’s fidelity social support activities, we distributed 333 thousand food boxes to our elders in need in 39 districts for 6
weeks. In addition, we made the first contribution to the campaign with 10 thousand food boxes worth 1.5 million TL.

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