Software Engineer (Delivery Optimization)

İstanbul, Turkey

Job description

Posted on: 
October 5, 2021

Design and create scalable real-time decision making systems such as real-time vehicle routing, distance/duration services

Grasp the current business objectives of Getir and try to adjust everything according to these metrics

Identify current missing points in our systems and come up with a proposal about the fix, knowing that optimizational bugs are very hard to detect


At Algorithms Team, we are responsible for making the business (over all domains) as efficient as possible. Joining the Algorithms Team, you will have a chance to modify or create a better version of every high frequency real time decision making system at Getir. You will be joining a top talent team who challenges conventional thinking and always looking for better/faster ways to solve an existing problem. Brainstorming is an important activity for us and we are always open and seeking when it comes to modern open source frameworks or a recently published paper that we think is applicable to our problems. All the data you need is there with thousands of couriers roaming around the city and dozens of orders incoming within a single minute. We always try to make a better version of ourselves by trying out new policies, constraints and methodologies that we test on self-made simulations before we go live!

Job requirements

Solid background in data structures/algorithms and discrete maths

Curiosity about the inner arithmetics of route optimization

Ideally 2+ years of Python backend experience, real-time decision making microservices experience is a big plus

Self-motivation to work in a high-paced startup environment

Ability to balance between quality of work and pragmatic quick solutions with a sense of urgency

Bachelors degree ideally in a highly quantitative discipline

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